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Before and After: From Lovely Lawn to Pretty Patio in Three Months

August 21, 2014 | Comment | Blog Archive

Although the owner’s Golden Retriever enjoyed this expansive lawn, the rest of the family wanted a more human-friendly use of the landscape.

Land Art built a 700-foot flagstone patio surrounded by fieldstone masonry retaining walls. The project included a built-in masonry grill counter, several large accent landscape boulders, and a colonial stepping stone walkway into the new space.

We landscaped the property, transplanting existing shrubs, pruning trees, and added boxwoods, hydrangeas, crypotmeria, azaleas, astilbes, and other perennials. And we even finished in time for our client to enjoy most of the summer in this new outdoor living space!

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Happy dogs have the run of the place, but . . .
. . . the humans really needed their own outdoor space!

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