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Do You Really Need a Fall Landscape Cleanup?

A fall garden cleanup protects your landscape for the winter and prepares it for the spring to come.

October 16, 2014 | Comment | Blog Archive

After a busy growing season, it’s tempting to let Mother Nature deal with the decaying mess, but don’t give in. Plant fungi and insect larvae can hide in summer’s debris and wreak havoc in your spring garden. Distressed and overgrown bushes are vulnerable to the ice and snow that winter is likely to dump on us again this year. A fall yard cleanup can help prevent winter damage and will give your landscape a head start in the spring.

Schedule a Land Art fall cleanup service and we will:

  • Trim and prune ornamental plantings as needed.
  • Clear leaves, debris and weeds from beds.
  • Fertilize the plantings and spread mulch.
  • Edge your beds for a tidy appearance throughout the winter.

Please call 703-448-9094 or email us at to schedule your service today!

Leaf-Covered Landscape in Arlington, VA Before Its Land Art Cleanup
The Same Yard Neat and Tidy and Ready for Fall Entertaining

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