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Welcome to the New Land Art Website

December 31, 2014 | Comment | Blog Archive

Happy 2015! May you find much beauty in the outdoor world in every season to come.

At Land Art, we're starting the new year with a new website. We've added more photos and features to help you plan a new outdoor space. We've built everything from arbors to waterfalls and invite you to browse through our portfolio for some inspiration.

The Land Art website includes:

  • Photo portfolios of projects such as Patios, Fireplaces and Fire Pits, Sheds, and many more.
  • A Before and After slide show of some of our landscape transformations.
  • A blog where we'll post about design-build trends, new Land Art projects, and landscaping lingo. Check out our 2014 posts and watch for new blog features in 2015.
  • A social media share bar on every photo so you can save or share photos that you like.
  • A new contact form so you can get in touch with us quickly.

We are so grateful to all of you for allowing us turn your land into our art.

Clare Siegel

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