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Making Progress on Client Projects Thanks to the Dry Winter of 2015

February 13, 2015 | Comment | Blog Archive

With wind chills dipping to zero this weekend, you may be feeling beaten down by Old Man Winter. Here at Land Art, we're just grateful for the drier conditions the winter of 2015 has brought to the Washington, DC area. Unlike last year, when we dealt with both the dreaded Polar Vortex and steady snow, this year's snow totals have been disappointing to snow lovers, but a relief to those of us in the landscape design-build business.

Land Art recently broke ground on a project that will add a screened porch, a two-level patio with a grill station, a stepping stone path, retaining wall, and nearly 200 new trees, bushes, and perennials to a home in Northern Virginia. Our dedicated crews have been able to frame out the porch and pour concrete for the two patios, thanks in part to the relatively mild and dry conditions this winter. We're not sure who is happier to see all this progress - us or our client!

Here are a few pictures of the site work. We'll make sure to post some pictures after we complete this one.

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