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A Twenty-Five Year Before-and-After Story

April 22, 2015 | Comment | Blog Archive

Way back in 1990, we got a call from a very nice man who was remodeling a lovely 1940s-era home in Bethesda. The house was on a large, wooded piece of property and the owner wanted a new landscape that would preserve the canopy while creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. Clare re-graded much of the property to sculpt ornamental gardens and lawns, designed and built a wide circular driveway and installed sets of mountain boulder stone steps.

And then the planting commenced. Ninety junipers, seventy-five azaleas, fifty hostas, twenty-five astilbes, twenty-three laurels, twenty-two rhododendrons, eight burning bushes, five forsythia, five hydrangeas, grasses and ground covers of all sorts, and even more trees. Maple, cedar, pines, cypress, crape myrtle, and the grande dame of a southern garden, a Southern Magnolia, all installed by the Land Art team.

Fast forward twenty years. Another very nice man called Land Art because he found some old landscape designs in the basement of his new home. He and his wife had been drawn to the house by its forested setting. They asked Clare to come for a visit and to help them write the next chapter in the Bethesda home’s landscape story. Over the course of the next five years, Land Art worked with the new owners to enhance and maintain the now-mature landscape.

This month, the nice man and his wife are the subject of an article in Home & Design magazine and they spoke very kindly about Land Art’s role in the landscape they love. The article includes some stunning pictures by Gordon Beall of the home’s interior as well as of its gardens. You can read the full text of the article here:

We thought it would be fun to share some photos from the initial landscape project in 1990. The crape myrtles that dominate the patio in the Home & Design article are just babies in these photos!

Grading the front
Driveway under construction
Grading for pool and patio
Let the planting begin

Circular driveway
Flagstone patio
Ornamental garden

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