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Celebrate Arbor Day - April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015 | Comment | Blog Archive

It's Arbor Day 2015, the annual observance of the glory of trees. Thanks to the efforts of J. Sterling Morton, Nebraska was the first state to observe Arbor Day way back in 1872. One hundred and forty-three years later, all fifty states celebrate the day with tree planting events from coast to coast.

Of course, Americans are not the first to revere trees. Many ancient cultures created myths and rituals around trees. The Celts explained the change in seasons through the legend of the Holly King and the Oak King while in Norse mythology, the ash tree Yggdrasil is the tree of life.

There are so many ways to celebrate! Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Find out if you live in an official Tree City through this Tree City USA directory.
  2. Learn about the urgent need to replant our national forests and make a donation to support the effort.
  3. Master a few statistics about the contribution trees make to our world.
  4. Help replant trees in communities devastated by natural disasters.
  5. Enjoy this little flipbook about the history of Arbor Day.
  6. Take a hike through a local forest and teach your friends and family how to identify trees.
  7. Share your own tree story through Faces of Urban Forestry Project.
  8. Join the Arbor Day Foundation and receive 10 free trees to plant.

And you can always celebrate in the most classic way of all - plant a tree! The Arbor Day Foundation offers tips on the best way to plants trees.

So get out there and hug a tree! It's good for everyone.

Stately trees grace this elegant landscape
Look at this beauty!

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