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Five Things Homeowners Should Do Before a Big Rain Storm Hits

October 1, 2015 | Comment | Blog Archive

Potomac River flooding after tropical storm

Whether Hurricane Joaquin hits the DC area or misses us entirely, we are in for some heavy rain in the coming days. The first rain event should shower us with two to four inches between Friday afternoon and Saturday. Depending on the track Joaquin takes, we could see anything from showers to four more inches on Sunday and Monday.

Here are five things to do before the torrential rain begins:

1. Turn off your irrigation system. It may sound crazy, but depending on the location of your rain gauge, it may not accurately record all the water falling down. The last thing you'll need is more water if we do get four or more inches so turn off that system. Just don't forget to turn it back on after the soil dries out.

2. Bring in your outdoor furniture, potted plants, umbrellas, seasonal decorations, garbage cans, and anything else that could be picked up and hurled through the air - or your windows - by the high winds predicted by the National Weather Service.

3. Check the batteries in your flashlights and get out some candles and holders to light your way if the power goes out. Those things can be a pain to find in the dark so do it now.

4. Make sure you have an extra gas tank or a bag of charcoal for your outdoor grill. If you lose power, you can heat up water for coffee or pasta and grill up some of that defrosting meat.

5. Bookmark useful websites on your cell phone so you can stay informed if you lose power. We're especially fond of these ones:

We're not going to tell you to buy milk or fill up your car - we figure you already know that!

Good luck and remember that we do need the rain. And at least it's not snow.

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