Land Before, Land Art After

Before and after pictures reveal more about our work than words alone. Here are some of our favorite projects.

  • BEFORE: TYPICAL SUBURBAN BACKYARDThese homeowners wanted to make better use of their large backyard in McLean, VA.
  • AFTER: SCREENED PORCH WITH ELEGANT PATIOLand Art added a screened-in porch, patio, and walkway then relandscaped the yard to complement the new hardscape.
  • BEFORE: NEW HOME IN BETHESDA, MDThis new home was a blank canvas for Land Art's landscape designers.
  • AFTER: CEDAR DECK, STONE PATIO AND SLATE PATHWe enlarged the builder's deck with high end finishes and added fieldstone stairs to transition access to the new flagstone patios.
  • BEFORE: FUNCTIONAL BUT BARE BETHESDA PATIOThe view from this narrow patio was of a plain wooden privacy fence, a mulched bed and some scattered evergreens.
  • AFTER: SOFT CURVES, TALL GREENS AND BUBBLING WATEROur landscape design created the illusion of depth with two distinct seating areas and a curving stone retaining wall that raised the evergreens to the fence line.
  • BEFORE: AWKWARD ARLINGTON BACKYARDThe railroad ties and chain link fence reflected an earlier attempt to tackle the sloping grade in this Arlington backyard.
  • AFTER: ELEGANT PATIO WITH RETAINING WALLS AND WATER FEATURELand Art replaced the dated hardscape with a flagstone patio and fieldstone retaining wall incorporating a custom sheer descent waterfall. The landscape choices reflect a more modern sensibility.
  • BEFORE: CROWDED GEORGETOWN BACKYARDThis client needed a more accessible garage, but wanted to preserve the privacy of this Georgetown backyard.
  • AFTER: GROTTO WITH WATER FOUNTAIN AND STONE PATIOLand Art built a pulley system to excavate tons of dirt to open access to the new garage and increase the footprint for the new flagstone patio. An intimate water feature and scaled greenery complete the design.
  • BEFORE: OVERGROWN MCLEAN LANDSCAPEIt happens. Time passes and even a well-designed landscape outgrows its original glory. This McLean homeowner called in Land Art for a garden makeover.
  • AFTER: MANICURED FLAGSTONE PATIO AND PERENNIAL BEDSLand Art refocused attention on a stunning specimen tree and designed a curving flagstone walkway around it, extending the circular theme to nearby perennial beds and a fieldstone seating wall.
  • BEFORE: POST-WAR ARLINGTON HOMEThis wonderful home sheltered several families in its first decades, but it needed some TLC to bring out its middle-aged charms. This client found a fairy godmother in Land Art.
  • AFTER: DRAMATIC MAKEOVER WITH COPPER PORTICO AND PERGOLANever underestimate the power of a perfectly chosen coat of paint and an inspired design! The custom cedar and copper porticos cover the front entrance and garage and echo in the garden gate and fence. Fieldstone stairs complete the transformation.
  • BEFORE: HIDDEN GEM IN THIS LEVEL MCLEAN BACKYARDSlopes and creeks complicate so many landscape projects in Northern Virginia, but this home had a flat,though somewhat neglected, yard with lots of potential.
  • AFTER: STUNNING STONE PATIO, CUSTOM SHED AND SUNROOOMLand Art replaced the storage shed with a custom cedar version and added a matching sunroom. The flagstone patio and fieldstone seating wall offer views of the expansive lawn and new landscape.
  • BEFORE: STEEPLY SLOPED FRONT YARD AND STAIRS IN ARLINGTONThe hilly terrain in much of Arlington encourages split-level construction, but challenges landscape design. This homeowner asked Land Art to create a gentler entrance with modern touches.
  • AFTER: PORCH, STONE STAIRS, PAVER DRIVEWAY, AND LANDSCAPINGWe created two entrances from the new stone paver driveway, incorporating one as a landing from the street level. The new front porch extendes the home's living space and the stone retaining wall supports lush landscaping.
  • BEFORE: DIFFICULT SLOPED FRONT YARD IN ARLINGTONAfter thirty years in the DC landscape business, there's a reason Land Art has become so talented at tackling steep slopes. They're everywhere in this area!
  • AFTER: FIELDSTONE RETAINING WALLS REDFINE THE LANDSCAPETerraced fieldstone retaining walls tamed this steep slope. Wrought iron handrails line the curved stone staircase leading to a new custom portico.
  • BEFORE: QUIRKY FRONT WALKWAY IN RESTONThis landscape design eclipsed the lovely front entrance to this modern home in Reston.
  • AFTER: CONTEMPORARY FLAGSTONE WALKWAY WITH PERENNIAL BEDSLand Art recaptured space from the lawn to create a front patio and designed an open, sunny flagstone walk to complement the modern feel of the home.
  • BEFORE: POST ADDITION BACKYARD CRUNCHThis Bethesda client gained an addition, but lost much of their backyard. They asked Land Art to design a patio to complement the new addition.
  • AFTER: CUSTOM CEDAR GATE, NATURAL STONE PATIO AND STAIRWAYWe echoed the addition's Mediterranean feel and scaled both the hardscape and greenscape to maximize the remaining backyard space.
  • BEFORE: SLOPED, PATCHY BACKYARD IN NW WASHINGTONThis client asked Land Art to unlock the untapped potential of this large lot in northwest Washington.
  • AFTER: FUNCTIONAL PATIO WITH POND, DECK AND PRIVACY FENCEWe constructed a lower level deck to match the existing one, built a flagstone patio with a pond, and addedd fieldstone retaining walls and a privacy fence to complete the landscape project.
  • BEFORE: MISMATCHED DECK AND HOME IN MCLEANThe large home and lawn dwarf the original deck and privacy fence in the original landscape of this McLean home.
  • AFTER: SCREENED PORCH, PATIO, AND RETAINING WALLThe addition of a screened in porch and large flagstone patio realinged the landscape with the scale of the home. Fieldstone retaining walls create a separate play area for the kids.
  • BEFORE: NEW CONSTRUCTION LANDSCAPE OF GRASS AND TREESThis barebones landscape is typical of new construction in our area, but provided Land Art with a good place to start a more elegant design.
  • AFTER: LANDSCAPE WITH CUSTOM DECK, PATIO, AND WALKWAY This McLean client can now enjoy the mature trees and extensive lawn from the comfort of a multi-level outdoor living space with a deck, patio, walkway, and landscaped beds.
  • BEFORE: OUTDATED EIGHTIES LANDSCAPE IN MCLEANPlant a tree here, a bush there and before you know it, your landscape looks kind of random. Land Art specializes in updating the elements of an existing landscape to bring out your home's hidden glory.
  • AFTER: THE GOLDEN RATIO IN HARDSCAPE AND GREENSCAPEThe mature trees anchor the new landscape, balancing the large curved retaining wall and expanded paver driveway. Patterns of perennials fill the beds around the McLean home.
  • BEFORE: STEEP SLOPE UNDERMINES FRONT ENTRANCE IN MCLEANThis home had the elements of a grand design, but the landscape obscured that potential. The homeowners called in Land Art for a consult.
  • AFTER: GRACEFUL STONE STEPS AND RETAINING WALLS Land Art shifted the stairway toward the statley portico with a curved fieldstone design and balanced the garden beds to create the grand entrance this home deserved.

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